Enterprise Application Architecture

Software is the core of any enterprise that relies on IT for business. As both customers and partners are moving on to the IT application bandwagon, businesses that interact with other businesses or consumers essentially are building a strong enterprise IT landscape – be it large or small enterprise.

Enterprise Application Architecture essentially provides a complete vision, structure, and strategy of this IT landscape. Amrocky Technologies brings in consulting, design and audit capabilities to build business-optimized enterprise architectures as an end to end solution.

EA BluePrint

A comprehensive document that captures all facets of an Enterprise Architecture Landscape. This includes

  • Business overview
  • Business to application mapping
  • Application integration and interface points
  • Deployment states of applications
  • Underlying application architecture
  • Information Security dimension
  • Hardware and other platform overview

EA Planning and Design

Amrocky EA architects build entire landscape for both small and large businesses.

Following factors are taken into consideration will designing

  • Business needs / objectives and IT alignment
  • Existing software and hardware investments
  • Business continuity, redundancy and resilience requirements
  • Governance Compliance requirements
  • Emerging technologies
  • Information Security needs
  • User adoption and training

Enterprise Application Interface

In many cases, enterprises deploy applications and over a period this results in a non-contiguous enterprise architecture landscape. This results in both application and data silos. Whether it is a legacy client-server, mobile application, or structure and unstructured data.

We have capabilities in tools like Tibco, webmethods, websphere and other open source interface tools. We also offer data integration services to integrate data flow.

EA Program Structure

Assessing the existing enterprise landscape, or the business blue print on whether the business is a brown or a green field enterprise is of vital importance . We assess the needs based on our Amrocky EA ™ program which is essentially derived out of years of consulting experience. This involves a roadmap that maps both strategy and operational models based on business needs and IT maturity of the organization.

Our Amrocky EA ™ contains:

  • A knowledge base of architectural principles, best practices and standard framework
  • Processes essential for Governance, Change requests
  • IT landscape mapping including application managers, roles and responsibilities
  • Connecting with Amrocky Technology Innovation Labs for leveraging technology pilots
  • Roadmap from the starting point ( or as-is) to the next point of maturity ( roadmap)

  • Lets look at the building block of Amrocky EA™ program

IOT and Cloud based architecture

With our team of consultants and associates, we have the capabilities and experience to construct an architecture for IOT and cloud-based platforms. Our access to domain consultants on demand give an idea of the basic process that exists and that need to be upgraded through IOT and cloud.

We integrate hardware ( through our partners) and software to build a complete sensor- data integrator – network – cloud platform for businesses that need smart monitoring, management and control.

IOT and Cloud architecture capabilities lead to extended vertical capabilities which leverages our other services. Many other architectural domain-specific and pattern-specific services available.