EinsCare, a world class healthcare IT application product for increasing the vitality of humans - the most essential prerequisite for competence. EinsCare is based on the firm belief that "Success comes because of Competence and Balance, and not just desires". This is achieved through adherence to best practices (physical activities, medication etc.), using evidence-based applied behavioral approach. Through predictive analytics, AI and Machine learning algorithms, it suggests a desired road map for achieving successful outcomes.


EinsCare is designed to be an easy to use and configurable, based on the consumer needs / patient conditions. It can easily be used with various consumer needs scenarios e.g. Improve the chances of winning in a sports competition by adherence monitoring during preparation. It can alert/ notify stake holders like coach, dietician, therapist, sponsor etc.

EinsCare through AI/ Machine learning algorithms can predict the probability of an infarct/ any other condition or an injury along with what-if scenarios

EinsCare addresses many of the causes of non-adherence in chronic disease management through its digital technology and services like:

  1. Socio and Economic: Family support; Access; Schedule; Social support; Language/ literacy
  2. Healthcare Systems: Poor access; Long wait times; Changing medication; Patient education; Lack of information about the product used; Lack of advocacy groups or reach to these groups
  3. Therapy related: Complexity and changing therapy regimen; Lifestyle changes; Perceived benefits
  4. Consumer related: impairments; Understanding of disease and medication; Expectation; Behavior or habitual changes; Fear of therapy

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