Cloud Services

Amrocky Bueno Technologies combines its expertise and efficiency in offering Technology and Cloud Solutions to customers. Amrocky Bueno Technologies offers comprehensive cloud services for various models of deployment like Public, Private, Hybrid and Multi-cloud including all aspects of designing, migrating, building the applications and management of the cloud. Some of the key advantages of our comprehensive cloud services are:

  • Optimization of capital expenditure
  • Facilitating data storage and management in a larger dimension
  • Designing a SLA based model emphasizing on reliability, scalability and availability
  • Scaling on demand with integrity and quality.

Why customers prefer cloud computing Services?

The Customers can save money as the service is cost effective as it requires less staffing solutions and maintenance expenses.
and increase the reliability, scalability, and sustainability of any business.
Management of Software Security updates at a macro level saving the time and effort of business organizations.
Disaster recovery is feasible when you migrate your business to cloud solutions and it also helps in reducing carbon footprint of business as it minimizes the servers run by the company.
Other Key benefits of Cloud Computing Services are

  • Scale as you go
  • Deployment at all levels
  • Secured storage of data and highly automated services
  • Has 24/7 support services and is independent of device and location
  • Risk free Infrastructure

Cloud Consultation and Migration

  • Understand the core issues and concerns in the current infrastructure
  • Explore, identify, discuss and decide the right solution
  • Roadmap dev, pre production and production environment
  • Facilitate end to end migration and implementation process
  • Facilitate end to end migration process

Cloud Optimization

  • Business needs / objectives and IT alignment
  • Existing software and hardware investments
  • Business continuity, redundancy and resilience requirements
  • Optimizing the performance and cost of the cloud services based on the above data on periodical basis

Design, Develop and Deploy

  • Develop Enterprise Cloud strategy
  • Assist or implement Cloud application development
  • Cloud Integration
  • Complying with the deployment schedule and best practices for cloud security

Cloud Management

  • Change request management
  • Feature enhancements
  • Asset and Configuration management
  • Release management

Why choose Amrocky cloud services ?

Amrocky's cloud computing experts effectively design and build the cloud infrastructure to meet the business needs. We have expertise and experience in recommending the perfect deployment blending public, private and Virtual models in cloud computing services.

  • A knowledge base of architectural principles, best practices and standard framework
  • Processes essential for Governance, Change requests
  • Suggests the solution to change or migrate to the business services after evaluating the technical and financial aspects
  • Provides solution by taking end to end responsibility by taking ownership of cloud solution in terms of consulting, design, build ,migrate and support services
  • Assessing the system technology and readiness for cloud computing
  • Roadmap from the starting point ( or as-is) to the next point of maturity ( roadmap)