"Combining Innovation and Experience"
Amrocky-Bueno Technologies carries close to a decade of experience in providing Technology and Digital Solutions to customers to bring higher value to their business. Amrocky Technologies has a balanced approach of technology with creativity that focuses on combining innovation and customer needs, to deliver solutions of sustainable business value.

Since 2010, Amrocky-Bueno Technologies has been working with customers to build their online presence both in web and social media. With close to 100% customer retention Amrocky-Bueno is set out for a new phase of journey with two distinct brands.

Amrocky Technologies- Technology Solutions arm of Amrocky bueno technology and Bueno Digital – its Digital Business Solutions brand endeavour to create a deep specialization in terms of delivering sustainable value. Bueno Digital is part of Amrocky Bueno technologies pvt ltd, since every organisation is different in terms of culture, offering and growth curve, We analyse the requirement of the business, do thorough research, derive strategies and then offer solutions as how customers can create a stronger business and brand for themselves. This involves-
• Comprehensive analysis of business
• Understanding of the gaps
• Aligning of the business objectives
• Generating digital reports
• Selection and maintenance of Digital Assets
As a part of keeping up digital assets we create as well as take care of consulting social media listening, research papers/reports, blogs and alike. We help businesses get into the digital landscape and help them to sustain and grow respectively.



Shweta Hitesh Joshi is the Chief Operating Officer of Amrocky Bueno Technologies. She comes with extensive experience in Talent management, Academia, Business Consulting and Digital Transformation. With her understanding of telecom, healthcare and education, Shweta sets and evolves the strategic direction for the company and its portfolio of offerings to customers. Shweta is passionate about Consulting and writing, is also associate to various causes related to environment.

A Management degree holder, Shweta has always been a go- getter and go-to person to all her clients.


Sandeep Yenni Narsappa is the Founder Director and CEO of Amrocky-Bueno Technologies. With more than a decade of entrepreneurial and digital marketing experience, he has evolved Bueno Digital from a digital marketing business to a “Digital Marketing and Insights” brand. He has helped clients across the globe, succeed in their digital marketing efforts and supported them in achieving their brand objectives.

An engineer from Bangalore, Sandeep is passionate about entrepreneurship and is active in Bangalore- entrepreneurial circle. He founded Amrocky Bueno Technologies in 2010 as an IT Services and Digital Marketing company, later strengthened the service offering with Consulting, Market Research .

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