Technology Innovation Labs

Amrocky TIL is Amrocky’s flagship and most important part of Amrocky’s vision. Our technology innovation labs aims to make available a virtual lab environment based on cloud and physical space, collaboration and co-innovation mentorship for enterprises and businesses to design their prototypes or roadmaps. We are currently in the process of building the Lab Ecosystem. With the Enterprise Architecture space, the Technology Innovation Labs engine makes a powerful option for customers to collaborate and build intellectual property, viable solutions and prototypes.

Process for applying for the Technology Innovation Labs program

  • As part of the Enterprise Architecture consulting contract or a Business case application
  • A technology and business validation will be done by our experts
  • Terms of contract including deliverables, budget and timelines will be arrived
  • Possibility of ‘Innovation fund’ shall be considered based on need and evaluation of the case
  • The requisite software and hardware, people and budgets
  • Time period and terms of exit

If you are a startup or a small business who are looking to pilot in software innovation projects, please approach us at